Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There's no school this week because of new term, essentially it's "spring break."  So our little buddy has been spending some quality time here, I thought yesterday's visit that was close to 4 hours could be considered a substantial visit...
Today however he was here around 7am and after being sent home several different times he stayed home for good around 6pm.  I enjoyed a full day of visits, starting with Kingone at 7am there was a steady overlapping flow the entire day.
Ruth stopped by this morning and we had a very nice visit, she asked if I knew how to "plate" her hair.  I have sisters who have provided me with plenty of practice for my braiding skills but knew this would be a different story.  I tried and failed at a couple different styles, then she showed me to just take a chunk and braid it straight out... I did and the cool thing about her hair is it just stays all by itself!! .... four hours later I was done!
Kingone was around the whole time I was braiding and Mary (who was now off work) enlisted his help with little things in the room.  A teacher from my old school came when I was around half done with Ruth's hair and just visited and waited until I was done.  
When I finished Ruth's hair I had a little visit with Mr. Finjap which overlapped with my hour with Knomsey.  around 5 I broke out the bubbles again and played with Acono, Shadrach, and Knomsey until they were collected and taken home.
All visitors gone, I started to walk upstairs and just had to laugh when I saw a chicken on top of the wall at the top of the ramp going up to the hospital, guess all visitors weren't gone.  I came in the room and had barely commented to Mary about the full day when I saw huge eyes staring in the window, Kingone was looking right at me with an enormous smile, "I've bathed!" he said with an accent I only wish I could capture and satisfaction in his voice.  I laughed so hard as he came around the corner and into the room, still wet from his bath he was ready for another 12 hours!

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Anonymous said...

You ARE a busy body!! OH, how you are going to miss all your new friends!! LOVE and MISS you!! mom