Monday, April 9, 2012


There's more than enough food around here and we've had no trouble finding enough to eat, too much in fact!  However, there is a VERY limited* supply of certain foods that are more common place back home and our stashes of imported goods are something we ration quite frugally! 
Friday afternoon we put together an AMAZING chip dip!! We had it planned the whole week and I almost couldn't contain myself when the big moment finally came!
A layer of Taco Bell beans (from a can!! didn't even have to soak and cook them for hours!) on the bottom from my mother in the Dakota conference package; a nice thick layer of fresh tomatoes, then a very generous layer of avocado from our very own tree, on top delicious corn from Rachel and Lauren saved for months from our Christmas box from Union; and Frito Scoops imported by Cheryl a month ago when they visited... all saved and treasured for months to be combined for the most amazing chip dip deliciousness!
In the last package from the Schumacher gang we received poptarts!  We got a pack once before and they are rationed to last weeks, a special treat once a week before church, one box lasts both of us a whole month!

Another treat one week later, our morning faces in all their glory!

We've saved some things so long, now that we have only 3 weeks left we've realized that it's ok to go ahead and indulge a little ;) These last weeks are going to be, and are already crazy with the process of beginning to pack, sort and organize what's coming home and what will be staying behind.  Also doing all the "lasts," visiting and soon the dreaded good-byes!

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Anonymous said...

What are you gonna do with yourself when all these "treats" are readily available!!! You are quite the creative cats. Finding ways to heat and bake and toast and combines yummy things!! We're proud of you!
Love you, mom and gang