Friday, April 20, 2012

2nd Day of packing - Elizabeth's family

On the 2nd Day of packing we paused to cook a meal!
Elizabeth and her family have hosted us for several delicious traditional African meals, so we wanted to cook for them!  They were excited for "American food."  It's really hard to find something you can really call "American" because just like it's citizens, "American food" comes from every other part of the world.  So, we made tortilla/burritos :) we made A LOT and they wiped us out! :) best way to compliment the cooks!
There was a class in the conference room so we hosted in our room, a little snug but definitely doable! 
We fed 13 mouths in our little "cubicle room" :)

The volleyball was a hit! :)
...and after all the cleaning, cooking, feeding, and fun, the real party begins...
...washing dishes!!

Quote from Mary:  "I need to take a shower, but the shower's too full of dishes, I don't think I'll fit!"

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