Sunday, April 29, 2012

11th Day of Packing - Food Adventures

On the 11th day of packing my tummy said to me, Another food adventure!!
 ...honestly, we've been pretty "adventurous" with local food, however, still sticking with foods that didn't have a mother... and we've thankfully had nothing more than a common cold during our time here.  God is good!  Above is a local "plum" they were frying right by some corn we got one night and the lady talked us into trying one... she said it tasted like butter... well... it was the nastiest rotted butter I've ever tasted... but I guess...

This is Quacoco... shared with me by a lady at school.  Flavor was amazing and it was really pretty good, but it had a few ingredients we didn't have a desire to eat...  Dissected a little, tasted a little...
The food here is amazing!  We've got several invites every day we have left... trying to double and triple book to fit it all in! 
 Mercy invited us over after church, she is such a SWEET girl, and had gotten up very early to prepare the food before church, then finish it when we got to her house.  Notice the tomatoes on the grinding block on the floor.
 This was a plantain, carrot, green bean, and pepa dish, SO GOOD! Mmmmmm!
 Bobolo and agoose, it was delicious!  I usually have a hard time with bobolo, but this was a REALLY good batch!
 We went straight from Mercy's house to Lindsey's house for another meal, like I said, we're running out of days to fit in all our visits!  This is ocongbung, also VERY good!
 You eat the ocongbung with potatoes, plantains, or cocoyams... This was SO FANCY!!! We were amazed!
Mangoes! I am going to miss this SO MUCH!

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Anonymous said...

It's so hard to believe your Africa experience is coming to an end! What a blessing that you were able to make such neat close friends in such a short time. Wish you could bring some of those foods home for us to try. God has blessed your time in Cameroon, BIG TIME, it is very evident from what you've shared. Love and Miss you so much, mom