Monday, April 2, 2012

One Month...

...One month from today, May 2, 2012 we will be boarding a plane to go home, leaving our new Cameroonian home behind.  It's so very bittersweet.  Sometimes I think to myself, this is one of the most terrible things I could have done to myself, throw yourself into a completely foreign country, culture, and surrounding, adjust, adapt, bond, and find a family... then leave, with no guarantee you'll ever see your dear friends again.  But then, in the same thought I realize that I wouldn't trade my Cameroonian experience for anything!  And if we don't meet again on this earth, we can make plans to meet around the tree of life some blessed morning!  Living on volcanic Mt. Cameroon has been incredible, there was a fantastic light show again tonight, what a mighty God we serve! 
(yes, the colors are a result of contrast, saturation, tint, and temperature when I edited the pictures, but I can honestly say they still don't even capture a fraction of how beautiful it was in real life!!)

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