Monday, April 2, 2012

Thirteenth Sabbath Investiture

Pathfinders has and I'm sure always will be a huge part of my life.  Our very first weekend here in Buea was Thirteen Sabbath back in September and when I saw the club have their little investiture ceremony I knew I had to get my uniform here as fast as possible and be a part of the club here.  I've enjoyed working with the club and being a part of AY across the world from my home church!  My district and conference back home has been very supportive of us through the years and when they heard about our club here and our lack of pathfinder patches and supplies they decided to do something about it!  After a process of months, the bulk of the supplies came Friday afternoon, the very latest it could have possibly arrived for me to invest the club members with beautiful badges and patches for their uniforms on this quarter's thirteenth Sabbath.
They were thrilled and extend many, MANY thanks and I was honored to have the privilege of being the one who got to deliver the blessing. 

I even had the honor of investing a Master Guide!
It was so special for me to explain where these things were coming from and how much their sister club, my home loves them!
Jean Paul, Mary, Christian, and I
Buea AY Pathfinder club members

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