Saturday, April 7, 2012


I've pointed out 50, 100, and now the count is 200 days in Cameroon!

Back in November I said, "50 days in the scheme of things is no time at all; it’s not enough time to learn a new language, understand a different culture, or reverse lifelong habits.  However, 50 days is more than enough time for the 'little things' in life to trade places with what used to be the 'big things.'  It’s plenty of time to start counting your blessings, and forever change how you see the world!"

50 Days is plenty of time to miss a lot of things and can seem like a long amount of time.  I learned incredible amounts of amazing things in those first 50 days.  However, now, since 200 days have slipped by since I stepped so far out of my familiar comfort zone where I had spent of all 21 years of life, each day, week, and month seem shorter and shorter!  In 24 short days we'll say goodbye to our Cameroonian lives and re-enter the homeland!  I could talk for hours about the things I've learned in the past 200 days, but underneath all the cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, and age differences and things that set us apart as people; we've come to realize, that deep down, we are all simply humans.  We have the same feelings, desires, and needs; even though we may express them in vastly different ways, if we try, we can understand anyone.  It's been said countless times, but we're all children of God and building relationships with each other is one of the single most important things we can do on this earth. 
(Kingone - it didn't show up in the picture, but he had yellow pollen all over his nose from smelling the flower, CUTE!)

Like I said, the things I've learned here would take hours, and even then I don't think I could really quite explain, but here's a list of the more humorous things we've learned in our time in Cameroon.

1.  When shopping, especially in the market, everything is "NICE!!" "it fits!!" and "it's your size!"
2.  A taxi is not full until there are at LEAST 2 more people than seats.
3.  When bread has dirt on it, it's edible; when bread has mold on it, still edible.
4.  Being called big is a compliment.
5.  Even if it takes 4 people to lift it, you can carry it on your head.
6.  Bigger vehicle wins.
7.  He who talks/yells loudest wins.
8.  It is possible to have a "conversation" for at least 1 hour using the 5 words you know of the          native language.
9.  Laundry, body, and dish soap are really all the same.
10.  No matter what... "worse things have happened."

View from the hospital, my school (CRC) in the background.
CRC from the roof of the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

My dear Tabby,
It's hard to believe your Africa experience is coming to an end very soonish!! What a blessing it's been for you and all of us who have enjoyed your blog and have lived your experiences long distance! It will be so hard to say goodbye to all your new friends and they will miss you as much as we missed you. God has many more exciting plans for your life and many wonderful blessing in store for you. Give Him 1st place in your heart and trust Him with all your heart and He will direct your path. See you soon, love and miss you. mom