Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today I had Knomsey for about an hour and toward the end he was getting tired of the papers, colors, and other things in the conference room, so I busted out the dollar tree bubbles and he loved them!!
I loved it too! I don't think I've ever played with bubbles quite so plentiful and colorful!! I'd run out of breath on each blow long before the bubbles were done coming!  hundreds from each dunk! (pictures just don't 'catch' them all!).
Knomsey is special needs, it's hard to get a real diagnosis here, but the closest we can come up with is autism, most days we work on colors, but IF he talks, he mostly just repeats whatever color I say.  Getting him to say anything is a challenge.
He is a sweet boy and when I can tell his attention is on it's last, we switch to something more fun; the bubbles was a hit!

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