Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Before Mom sent my last package I placed a special request of pickling spice and canning salt... After finding some sort of plant that greatly resembled dill on Mt. Cameroon I had an urge to try making African pickles!
Cucumbers are not a plentiful commodity around here and after finding none at Muea market I had slightly more success a few days later at our Great Soppo market.  I basically bought out four different vendors of their cucumber selection.  Also, when looking for cucumbers here you will get nowhere until you pronounce it "cOcumber" (long 'O' sound like coco).  
I found a few recycled jars from a friend and thoroughly enjoyed the pickle-making process which brought back so many home memories!  Except at home I don't chop veggies and do most of my cooking prep on the floor!

It was hard to wait for them to "pickle" for a couple days but it was worth it!  Dill pickles and sweet pickles, they were a hit around here too!


Schumachers said...

That's so cool. I can't believe all you do over there with so little. I figured they were from your garden. Sorry I hardly ever leave a comment. I always look at your blog on my iPod and it don't show the word thing so I can't post My comment. Sorry :( bye love you, Mindy

Anonymous said...

Now for the 64 dollar question, do they taste like Gramma pickles????
Or are they the new and improved Tabby pickles!?!?!!? Very brave and exciting adventure again!!
LOVE and MISS you, mom

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you never thought you would take your gardening and canning skills your mom taught you half way around the world and enjoy them. They look wonderful. Dorothy