Thursday, April 12, 2012

Banana Cake

Last week Kingone (Tango, Jumell, or Monster... he has been called or answers to any of them) was here almost all day every day and would have stayed 24/7 if we would have let him.  He told me early in the week that his birthday was on Friday, so I promised him that on Thursday we would make banana cake for his birthday.  He didn't forget and was ready bright and early Thursday morning.
 I added and supervised the ingredients, but he did all the work.  With delicious, fresh bananas SO plentiful here "banana cake," otherwise known as banana bread, is the most popular hit we've introduced here... we make it several* times a week!

Emanuel, another neighborhood boy, must have a good nose because he managed to show up just as the first one was out of the pot oven and ready to eat!

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Anonymous said...

what a treat, I'm smelling it and want a taste too!! are Kingone and Mauye your old faithfuls?? They are gonna be so board and miss you so much when you come home. You're a hero and role model they'll never forget. LOVE and MISS you, mom