Thursday, April 19, 2012

12 Days of Packing!

Our stay in Africa has slipped into only days remaining!!  Yesterday I was in our yard with my camera because a chicken had wandered in with her babies.  After I got a couple cute shots of the little family I noticed a cluster of flowers, the banana trees, and just kept snapping some memories of the things we'll be leaving behind so soon.  I was surprised to turn around and see Darius just standing there quietly smiling and watching me; he said, "I see the mourning has already begun" I was shocked by just how well he understood what I was doing.

With 12 days 'till departure it seems like all the things we want to squeeze in have to happen all at once!!  Along with the HUGE task of "packing" (organizing, cleaning, sorting, hoping I can fit at least most of the things I want to bring home)... I'm collecting pictures of the random little things and will try to post at least one picture for each of the "12 days of packing" ahead of us!
This, along with taxis loaded inside and out, is how our bread gets from brick ovens to the little shops that sell it! :) Mmmmm!

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Anonymous said...

wow, Darius was very observant to see the torn emotions you were feeling. I feel for you as you bottle the anxiousness to get home and yet feel the pain of leaving your new home. LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!! mom