Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This X-ray was taken one year ago today...
This one after my surgery in July
And these were taken today
They're not very good quality and esspecailly so because it's just a picture taken with the x-ray film held up to the light (outside). :P
When I first got here to Buea Trixy (the Doctor) was asking all about my wrist and said that I should get an x-ray while I was here just to see how it's doing, not that we can really tell much, but mostly for the experience of getting an x-ray (and for MUCH cheaper) in Cameroon.  Mary and I went up to the General Hospital today and got it done because we don't have an x-ray machine in our clinic.  I thought that one year to the day from the original break was a fitting time to get it done.

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