Friday, December 23, 2011

Sugar Cookies! :)

 Thanks to some cute cookie cutters Mary's mom sent in a package we had the urge to make some good ol' fashion Christmas cookies!
 Once again, limited space, tools, and "baking" facilities, but we made it work!
 Three friends from church were SO EXCITED to learn how to make cookies American Style!  We had a great time, Elizabeth is coming back on Monday to teach us how to make puff puff! I am SO EXCITED about that! (stay tuned!).
We got "powder sugar" in the market, but it got all chunky from the humidity... to whipping up frosting was a little more of a challenge because those chunks were like cement!  We also got "green spice" and "red spice" at the market, earlier on we had asked what flavor it had or what it tasted like but they basically just told us that it was for looks and coloring... so we figured it'd work perfect for "food coloring" :) fun stuff.

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