Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What a Catch!

I caught a lizard!! 
I got some seeds in the box from home so I've been "gardening" the last few days out in the back part of our property.  Right now there's still more weeds out there than garden, couldn't even see the ground when I started but I'm making progress!  There were lizards watching me all day, sitting on the rocks along the garden probably trying to figure out what I was doing to their home!  I had this bucket outside because I was using it to carry water and left it out while I came back to the room for awhile, while I was gone I "caught" this guy!  He got in, but couldn't get out!

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Anonymous said...

What will he do to your produce when your garden starts producing??? :( Better get the lizard repellant ready!! Love you, Hope God blesses you with tons of yummy garden stuff and plenty to share. mom