Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 I started with one little boy coming to the hospital after school for tutoring, then it was two... then 5, and now 7 kids have come.  They range from class 1 to form 1 (roughly the US equivalent of kindergarten to freshmen year HS) about 5 to 13.  We have lots of fun!  I'm not totally convinced that all of them NEED tutoring, especially when the 5-year-old can write out numbers no problem!!  For example, when I write an 18 on the board, he doesn't even hesitate and writes "eighteen" .... I finally quit in the 20s satisfied that he knew what he was doing!  Even though we have a couple geniuses in the bunch ;) I've been finding things they need help with and having tons of fun with them!  My form 1 student came with trouble in fractions and decimals (she has since informed me that she needs help in physics and other such topics... we'll tackle those tomorrow) ... she said, "the way our teacher explains it doesn't make sense to any of us and he just keeps going because he thinks that because he understands we do too!"  I had to smile, students around the world, including myself, have echoed that same complaint!  I helped her and tried to explain it the best I could and got to experience that "ah ha!" moment when the lights came on!!  When her homework was finished I asked if it had helped at all and she said, "oh yes! so much!" I got those teacher warm-fuzzies and the million dollar satisfactory feeling of helping a child!
 The only "problem" with my tutorees is that... well, when they're done, they don't go home!!  So today when we were finished I joined them on the lawn for some fun!
Let's just call it PE class!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun, I wish I could play in the grass too! BUT I bet they wish they could play in the snow!!
God is so good! WOW, how he's blessed you with such huggable, loveable kids to teach! Love you, mom

Anonymous said...

Tabby, You're already an awesome teacher! Keep enjoying your time with those God sends you "thou faithful servant". Not only are they giving you "warm fuzzies" you are also leaving "warm fuzzies" for them to remember you by. Praying for you, Lovingly Lyle and Becky