Friday, December 9, 2011


Yesterday Mary and I got the day off, she worked the night shift in the hospital and I had the day off from school because the kids are taking exams for the end of this term.  So... we decided to head off to the beach in Limbe.  An hour and a half of public transport  for roughly $2 each, and since it was a week day there was no entrance fee for the beach... AND there was nobody else there! The tide was low and we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves!  It was a great day, this is exactly where we would normally be dreaming about being instead of studying for finals!!  Ashia (very sorry) to all our classmates back home trying to survive finals, and family watching it snow while we're enjoying a sun tan!

This much! (and more!)

When you don't have snow, next best thing is a sand angel!

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Tabby, So glad you and Mary got to get away and treat yourselves to "FUN IN THE SUN"! Your opposite schedules don't seem to allow for that very often. Thanks for the SOSish type messages in the sand, nice mud ANGEL!! Glad you had a wonderful day, enjoy it, if you were at Union you'd be swamped with finals and if you home you'd be FREEZING, it's -21*with the wind chill figured in!! LOVE YOU, mom