Thursday, December 22, 2011


 It's campmeeting time here in Buea and I've been loving it so far!  I spent almost the whole day up at church today (besides a quick trip to market because this was our last chance for market until after Christmas).  This is my friend Kathryn, you can see the "kitchen" behind her!
 Beans and carrots I helped prepare this afternoon for the supper time meal, smoke in the background from the fire where the okra soup was cooking.
 This was dinner, SO GOOD! :) it's basically the same thing we had at Elizabeth's house, okra soup (this stuff had agoose in it which made it extra yummy) and gari fufu which I liked even better than the casava fufu.  But once again, just imagine okra soup (the definition of slimy) eaten with your fingers...
 Dorine and Mercy, remember, all 5 fingers is the proper way to consume this stuff!
 Charlotte and Elizabeth snapping green beans
 The cooking area
 My little buddy!  When we were in Douala with Pastor Rich we ate at this little guy's house after church, his family is here for campmeeting and he was my shadow all day!  Followed me everywhere and fell asleep by me in the meetings :) such a cutie!
Inside the kitchen, Helen is sitting down and mum Rugina is in the corner, they both work at the clinic so they are especially good friends of ours :)  These African ladies are amazing, do you see that big pot on the fire, it's been cooking there for 3 hours and one of them walks up and picks up the cover to check the food (wrapped in banana leaves inside) with her bare hands!!  Mary and I just cringed!  But she was totally fine!  It was so much fun hanging out in the "kitchen" with these ladies!  They are so sweet!  This is just right beside the church and set up just for campmeeting, the cement blocks were all there because they will be used to build the pastor's house.  So for this week they just set them up for a kitchen and threw a leaf roof on top!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how those ladies cook for the campmeeting crowd with their seemingly inadequate facilities! But they seem to be doing a wonderful job. Enjoy every meeting!! wish i could be there and enjoy the spiritual feast with you. love you, mom