Thursday, December 29, 2011


I feel like it has only been a few days since I posted about the fact that we had been here in Cameroon for 50 days.  Well, it's been more than a few days, it's actually been another 50!   I can't believe my time in Cameroon has doubled since my 50 days post, makes me wonder if the next 100 will go as fast.  So here's another post of random pictures to commemorate 100 days in another country and another thought I had recently for you to ponder.

I am constantly taking pictures, video clips, and trying my very best to remember every detail possible so I can tell my friends and family what it's like here.  I get overwhelmed just trying to write in my journal because there is just so much I want to record and remember.  While we were walking along the beach in Kribi I, once again, had a dozen "mental notes" and images floating around in my head that I was trying desperately to remember long enough to get to my journal so I could do my best to capture them for my family.  I stopped and just stood there as a new thought entered my mind.  
Every day I try so hard to capture my African experience as vividly as possible because I have such a passion to share it with my family.  I realized that if I had nobody to send these pictures to, I wouldn't have taken a single one.  My experiences feel void and pointless unless I have someone to share them with.  And that's when God connected the dots in my mind.  When He works in our lives we should have the same passion to tell the world!  Without someone to show and tell I would have ignored most of the beauty in Kribi and my African experience so far; but because I want to capture it and convey it the best I can, I notice and treasure ever little detail.  I am constantly using worlds like "incredible," "indescribable," and phrases like "I can't even tell you how beautiful," or "I can't describe..." I wish there was some way to convey how amazing these things are, but I really, just can't capture it.  It's the same with God's working in our lives.  If we don't share the amazing things He's doing in and for us, the blessing will not only be prevented from blessing others, it will seem void and pointless to us as well.  So I challenge you to do your very best, though you can't fully capture it, to tell everyone what God is doing for you!
Little girl from Kingston
Ignostius "mowing" the lawn
Sharon :)
Log trucks we saw in Douala
African Sunset :)
3rd roommate! :S
 There is a wide variety in means of transportation.... This kinda reminds me of supper in the pasture Schumacher style!
 The Cameroonians are very often dressed in 3 or more layers, hats, scarves and way too much clothing when it is HOT outside!  It is simply NEVER, EVER cold enough here for this kind of clothes!  This kid was selling all kinds of winter hats and scarves in the market, the other day I walked past some ladies in the market selling the same thing and they tried to sell me some, I told them it was too warm for scarves! and they just laughed! :) and today I saw I guy shoveling sand (it was 80+ degrees) and he was wearing a stocking cap!
Moving van?
Beans and puff puff! :)

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Is it possible 100 days have slipped away since we said our goodbyes in Fargo?? Continue to have a wonderful, breath taking, life changing, heart warming experience in Africa! We Love you SOOOOOOO much, moom and dad