Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Water and S'mores!

The "staff" at the health clinic are putting on a health seminar this week about the 8 laws of health, I guess I'm considered staff because they made me take an evening!  My talk tonight was about the importance of getting enough clean, safe water to drink.  did you know that your body is 60% water!?  (your brain is 70%, Muscle is 75%, blood is 83%, and your lungs are 90% water!! When you don't drink enough water all those VERY important parts of you body are not functioning properly.)
When we got back from the seminar we enjoyed S'mores!  Trixy got a package from her mother with marshmallows in it!!  She was gracious enough to share with us and Bill got a box of graham crackers from the heartland (a little store that gets a container of stuff from wal*mart twice a year) so we had quite the treat! roasted over a candle and finished off with some Cameroonian chocolate... MMMmmmmm!

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