Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday in Buea

Mary and I started a "nap" yesterday afteroon which for me ended up lasting until 8:30 this morning... 16 hours of sleeps means two things... you were REALLY tired, and you wake up feeling wonderful! Haha, then it was a full day of all sorts of fun with Mary. Since we working in different places we feel like we never get to see each other haha, even though we do live together... :P but we had a wonderful day!

Do you know how to cook palm nuts? ... yeah, we don't either :P

We went for a nice long walk down the main road, we were going to walk for as long as we felt like (down hill) and then get a taxi back, but then decided when we turned around that we might as well keep walking, and it would be good for us! :P

on the shoulder of the main road :)

A Yummy treat toward the end of our walk :) Cold, Soy Strawberry/Banana Smoothy!

I was too overwhelmed to look for the ingredients at first but we located what we needed for a "German meal" and this German from Russia who has never left the United States till now, made Kneophla in Cameroon, Africa! :)

The progress!

Add some potatoes and carrots...

... And share with friends! (Mary, Trixy, Bill, and Andrea).
MMMMmmmmm a little taste of home! it was Amazing!

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