Monday, October 24, 2011

Favorite Passtime...

... You guessed it! Cooking and EATING!
Sarah getting ready to dig into the soya goo!!!

Milking the Soya cow! It actually takes some milker's muscles!

Boiling the soy milk to make it edible... and making some potato chips in some yummy palm oil...

Alyssa and Mary were the potato chip experts!

We barged in and took over Bill and Trixy's kitchen... after enjoying ourselves greatly and eating till we almost couldn't anymore!... we had two nice bottles of soy milk to chill for breakfast!! Mmmmmmm!

And this has nothing to do with food... just a little visitor I found in the bathroom...

This morning started off very rainy and gloomy. It rained from the middle of the night till well past noon, flooded a good portion of the hospital and quite honestly, seemed to flood our spirits too. This morning wasn't one of my brighter ones and it was an overall rough start to the day and leaving for school this morning took a lot of will power... However, THREE letters in the mailbox from good ol' North Dakota had a VERY positive effect on the mood and as you can see... our evening was quite a blast!
Plus, to finish off the day with an extra special treat... Just now Mary was taking a shower and all of a sudden she said, TABBY.... I THINK... the water, its getting warmer!!! what is going on!!? There's no way the water was being "heated" and no reason it should have gotten "warm" but it just did for a while!! so I got in right after her, we didn't even turn it off in between becuase we were too scared of it going cold again! It did cool off towared the end of my shower (and when I say it was warm, it was still a temp that at home a month ago I would have for sure called cold but...) it felt SO GOOD!! Random little blessing! :) A not so wonderful day in the begining, turned wonderful! :)

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Schumachers said...

Sorry you had a slow atart to a wonderful day but how amazing GOD IS! He Loves you and so do we. "He'll Never leave you or forsake you". He loves to pop in with little/BIG random blessings just to let you know how much He loves and cares for you!! I feel guilty every time I take a nice hot shower!! Love and miss you tons!! mom