Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's been an incredible weekend! Friday we got to go to Douala and see Pastor Rich from Union College!! It was SO GOOD to see somebody we know! We've got an awesome group of people here and are so blessed!! We have GREAT friends and feel SO loved and fortunate but Mary is the only person I've seen in the past 6 weeks that I've known for more than 6 weeks!! So seeing pastor Rich and Spencer who got there Friday evening from the far north in Cameroon was so great! PR brought us two suit cases of stuff from home!! Talk about Christmas in October!! We were like little kids!! It's been a jam packed weekend of SO MUCH FUN and very little sleep!! I have lots more pictures but here's some from Just today, we went to Limbe and on Tuesday we're going to climb Mount Cameroon!

We ate at the super good resturaunt in the wild life center this afternoon, I love the Bunny Chow!

The resturaunt is in the front of the zoo, this guy was facing the other way and we were trying to take pictures, calling, coaxing, trying to get him to turn around, all of a sudden he did and started posing it up!

You wouldn't see this on the table in a resturaunt at home very often now would you?

As if we hadn't eaten enough, we walked down the road to a little bakery while the rest went through the wildlife center... MMMmmmmm the bread and such is AMAZING here!

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