Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hair, Hair Everywhere!

The (Gold) hair you see hanging here, ALL of it, plus more was added to my head over the course of 8 hours today!

When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! There was "hair" or mesh, fake hair on everything... the little kids in the shop provided great entertainment throughout the long day of sitting in one place but when this little guy started eating crackers, spilled them on the ground and kept eating them... my stomach turned! I felt like I shouldn't/couldn't let him eat them and continuously put hair along in but his mother was standing right there never saying a word, so I just let him finish up the crackers while monitoring for hair (and pulling it out of his mouth) the best I could! But I'm afraid there was just nothing I could do about all the other goodness that he was collecting off of the floor!

The ladies who did our hair were just awesome and I feel like we some what bonded in the 8 hours we spent together!

Trixy dropped us off at 9:30 this morning, then came back for about the last hour, and like I said, the cute kids provided a lot of fun!

Random guys that wanted to be in on a picture...
The 'Sisters'


Schumachers said...

Oh WOW you weren't kidding when you said at home that you were going to get your hair braided over there, you look so diferent. Love, Jody

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't need much time to get ready in the mornings. Looks good, how long is it suppose to stay in. Now you can mark another adventure off of your bucket list. Dorothy

Anonymous said...

HI you realy look dif, I like you better the normal way . nice try bet you had fun haveing it done how long are you going to leave it that way