Friday, October 7, 2011

Another week in Africa!

Wednesday, the 5th was teacher's day and I was invited to the celebration! They honored me at the head table with the 5 "big wigs" of the school!! it was incredible!! I very big production and a VERY big honor!

Mary had to work the night shift last night and I got to spend it with her!

She even let me help with a few tasks I could handle!!

Mary got mail! =D

I just love the key for our mailbox!! it's a super old-looking skeleton key and it's just rough and looks homemade! But it works!

Christain gave us a wonderful sample of real African food!! We enjoyed learning and tasting at her house and even got to take some "home" for our meal!!

This is something... it's Gari wrapped up in a banana leaf until it gets stiff, Hey AFRICA!!

This is the food we got to take home!!

We've been getting pretty good at making our own German from Russia American African food!! This was SO tasty!! I think it's of resturant quality!! Unsalted beans on the bottom smothered with a delicate Gari Potato/Carrot stew and topped off with an exquizit Okra sauce with extra flavor. When eaten all together the beans on bottom added a wonderful texture and the Okra sauce complimented the beans with an exact salty ballance.

Trying to take matters into our own hands when it comes to our lighting situation! Than goodness for Big Iron Ford tools! :P

Thank goodness for duct tape


Anonymous said...

HI looks tomelike duct tape works in what ever county you are . nice to see your smliey faces . praying for you each day hope this works . love the schweigert s

Ashley said...

I love your description of your "German from Russia America African food" lol