Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday 10/10 =)

Hope you all had a very marvelous Monday! :) it was a good day! I went on the "tour of Buea" That Bill took our new student missionaries on, and then got dropped off at my school. I taught my class and it went really well, but then the teacher left for the afternoon and I was in charge till school let out! The French teacher came and taught his lesson after recess and then had ME grade the French homework! :S

This morning I decided to tackle the challange of making pancakes in Africa! Our two new SMs don't have food or a stove yet so we've been trying to keep them fed! I started with a little recipe that I found on Google the other day and improvised drastically from there!! The real trick was getting them loosened and flipped... with a fork being my only weapon! Plus I didn't have a real smooth non-stick pan... just the cover of our pot, so I learned to make them a little smaller than your average pancake and it worked real well :)

if I must say so myself... I thought they were real good!

This is a banana leaf in the garbage can at school... You know you're in africa when a little boy brings his lunch to school wraped in a banana leaf!

I got to pick up my skirt today!! and I LOVE IT! :) I dropped off the fabric I got at the market on Thursday, picked a picture I liked, she took three measurements, and voilĂ ! A BEAUTIFUL skirt today!

A simply pretty bridge bridge on the walk home from our favorite store.

right under the bridge is some nice trash (clothes and all) and it looks like the water has been washing over them for awhile!

An icecream cone fore everyone at Bill's favorite icecream lady :) at less than a quarter each it's a nice little treat!


Emily Morris said...

Wow! Love the pictures & stories :). So proud of you, Tabby.

julia said...

I've always wanted to go to Africa (maybe I'll get to someday!) so I've enjoyed seeing all your pictures :)