Monday, October 17, 2011

Food in Africa

You would be amazed by both the WONDERFUL foods here and also the ones that make your stomach turn at the thought... but we have been finding some GOOD STUFF :) and cooking up a storm in our room! Here's a little "sample" :)

J's Grill" is a little more "upscale" local favorite we were introduced to tonight, our plates cost about $4 converted to American Money.

I got the "potato cake and vege salad" the potato cakes were very good, not quite like anything I've ever had before, nothing like a hash brown or something you would expect a "potato cake" to taste like... the potatoes were shredded VERY thin, then I'm guessing breaded and deep fried so it was soft... yet the potatoes inside were still very "sringy" like I said, quite unlike anything I've ever had before!

This is a little stand by the road, there's bobolo which I believe is ground up cassava formed into a banana shape by wrapping and tieing it in banana leaves. Also at this stand was fried plantain chips (bobolo and plantains are two of Mary's most favorite Cameroonian foods, I however don't appreciate them QUITE as much) and there was one more thing at this little fast food stop... whole fried fish!

You can top of an already amazing meal or just treat yourself to the YUUMIEST chocolate icecream you've ever had just because... :) I really need to stop being so naughty! :P but it was SO GOOD!

The market is really where we get our food, (eating out is really about like at home, kinda a rare "treat") this girl took special notice of us in the market yesterday and became our personal tour guide as we finished our shopping. She kept asking what we wanted next and took us to the best place to find it!

We walked the roughly 3 1/2 miles down to Moonya Market and then got a taxi back with all our loot! we are stocked!! we got okra, sweet potatoes, garlic, some African seasonings, agoose, oranges, grapefruits, bread, and papaya!

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