Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Experiences

Mary and I were down the road waiting for a teacher friend from school today and this guy showed up and asked if we recognized him... haha no... so apparently he's a South African celebrity and informed us that he wanted us to be in his next music video! We just laughed but he left us with an autograph and a special copy of his newest music video that doesn't actually come out until December!!

These are some of the little letters I sent home with kids at school about tutoring :)

This, although it looks like a green water bottle, is really a rolling pin!!

Our mess that turned into yummy totillas and burritos! :)

Standing on the tofu!! making it nice and firm :)


Tryin to be an Arican cook!

We attempted our own Koki with the left over soy from making tofu!

Twin dresses for church! :)the locals were SO IMPRESSED!

This is a little butcher shop along the main road...
The part of the picture I would like to draw your attention to is the nice pair of horns left over from this morning's meat. Last Sunday when we walked by there was a perfect cow nose setting in roughly the same exact spot as these horns were today.

I attempted "fry bread" Saturday night, it was nothing like light and fluffy fry bread at home, the flour just feels different here and it was much thicker... but it was yummy none the less.

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