Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Report

Thanksgiving, especially here in Africa, requires hours, even days of preparation!  We cooked for hours in our room plus up in Sarah and Alyssa's room.  I will tell you though, the results were good!
This is the tofu that took about 6 hours on Tuesday... glad we got an early start!
A sweet potato that looked amazingly similar to a duck! (yes, these are sweet potatoes, not very sweet and not orange at all!)

Food EVERYWHERE!  Like I said, this meal took litterally days, tofu on Tuesday, sweet potato dish on Wednesday, and everything else on Thursday.  Did I mention we have NO counters, just our "desk" table.
Mary and her "home hat" :)
Our room was grand central station all day... there was hardly space to pass each other!
Two kids from church showed up to get in on the action and help out, Moye (in the green) is one of my kids that comes everyday for tutoring, but today he came for fun!  They helped us out and ground up some of our groundnuts for topping on the sweet potato dishes.
Gnochi :)
Veggies for stir-fry and fancy boiled eggs.... so much food filtered through our room and across this table, the order of events was literally a science!
When there's just no space left inside... you sit outside and clean, cut, and chop!
"Counter space" wasn't the only thing we were short on... dish, bowl, and buck space was in hot demand as well... so the potatoes had to wait in our water filtering pail.
Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!  Andrea tackled this and was greatly successful!
And after days and hours of prep!  Give thanks and dig in!! (this is only some of the food! the table had some too, and the DESERT was in the kitchen!).
Our Buea Family Thanksgiving 2011
(4 of our Cameroonian Friends had already left, but our group consisted of representatives of Cameroon, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and of course, The United States!)

Yesterday us girls produced....Two large pans of stir fry with homemade tofu, four pans of sweet potato hot dish, two pans of apple crisp, gallons of gnochi, 60+ deviled eggs, and koki beans all with two burners on a gas stove... no, no oven!  God is so good! I have so much to be thankful for!  All my needs are supplied and provided for with great abundance!  Hope you all enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving day!


Schumachers said...

Looks like lots of fun, and lots of friends. Hope you had lots of fun making all your food.

Love, Mindy

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your pictures Tabby, you are one resourceful and creative girl!! Looks like you had a spectacular Thanksgiving Feast!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tabby, Wow, you girls put me to shame. Good job on all your food and creativity. You'll have to show me how to make tofu from scratch :) Your "Count Your Many Blessings" pictures made me cry. We take so much for granted. Thank you for reminding us we have so much to be thankful for. Your in our prayers. Lovingly Lyle and Becky