Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random and Thanksgiving Prep!

 First of all, let me just make it very clear that if I haven't already mentioned or let you realize, I want to say that I really appreciate the wonderful produce and fresh food options here in Buea.  The home-grown goods are definitely a big item on my thankful list!  I walked a little ways out of of my way today on the way home from school to swing past a tomato farm, my favorite place for wonderful, beautiful tomatoes and purchased a bowl full! When I got back I counted them because I was curios... 48 red beauties! (only some are in this picture).  Getting lots of tomatoes for cooking always seems like a splurge to me, but I like my little tomato farmer ladies and the price doesn't seem too bad.

So, before I tell you how much it cost me in francs, I want you each to tell me what you'd pay/expect to pay at your local grocery store for 48 of these!?

 Today's project was TOFU! :)  I've been looking forward to tackling this task for the special occasion of Thanksgiving! :)  It was a long process so we were in the thick of it when the boys came for tutoring... so they got in on the fun!  This is a shot of the pressing stage, trying to make it nice and firm!
 This is what 10 cups of soaked and ground soy beans plus 10 liters of water looks like!  Waiting to be strained, drained, cooked, pressed and prepared!  Since we know we're going to have kettles on every burner come Thursday, I wanted to get this project covered early.
 Last night I said goodbye to my braids and with some help removed them one by one over a 3 hour hair party!  It was quite amazing to see how much mesh came out of my hair and how my hair responded to being in braids for 3 1/2 weeks!
Yesterday at school they had a "program" basically, a talent show for the kids, it was incredible!!  The things those kids performed was just unbelievable!  Dances like you've (and I've) never seen!  This stage just appeared too!  and it is NOT portable, it was hefty duty wood, looks like it was built right there and will be taken apart right there!  It was a BIG DEAL! I had no idea this was going to be happening, but that's how everything is here.  I tried to find out today if/when my school has Christmas break, the teachers I asked (when they figured out what I was asking) said oh yes, we have one... when I asked when, they had no clue, the 14th? 15th? maybe 16th, no idea... So I suppose I'll find out the day before when they tell me there's no school tomorrow, or maybe when I get there and there is no school haha!  The program was being taped by CRTV, a television station from Yaounde, this is the most (or only) technology and equipment I've seen for 2 months! Wowzers!

I didn't have my camera or anything with me!!  I tried to ask around and find out how long the show would last, but couldn't get a straight answer or really fully understand anyone I asked, so I finally decided to try to get my camera and a couple of the girls to see this!!  But when we got back to school the show was over and  they were just getting one last shot of the two student representatives who served as MCs.  But just take my word for it, it was QUITE the show!

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