Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here's some pictures from a little trip we took to Kumba on Monday.  I keep hearing about first snows back in the states and it just makes my head spin!!  It's so warm and tropical here it's hard to imagine snow but I miss it already!!!  Kumba is about an hour drive from Buea with public transport, a "19 passenger van"  which I'll just say I'm thinking is made for less than 19 people ;)  the main attraction at Kumba is a crater lake, VERY beautiful... the pictures will convince you of that!

You can see the remains of rainy season... but this is suppose to be dry season!! I'd hate to see it in June!  This road made our section lines look like interstate!
Such a variety of pretty landscape on the walk out to the lake!
Crazy looking plants and trees!
FYI, just incase you didn't notice!...
Doesn't this just look like something out of a resort photo album!  Gorgeous!
Our Cameroonian friend Kelly was incredible!!  We met him on the bus to Kumba!  He just took us under his wing and hung out with us the whole day.  We got in trouble for taking pictures and this guy was really upset with us, said that pictures were going to cost us 500cfx each (multiply that by 5 cameras and way too many picuters each!).  Kelly argued with him for us and paid him a bribe wich was all the guy was after... there was no rule against pictures... just saw a chance for some money... But Kelley was amazing!

 Dougouts!  They offered to take us across the lake in these to see the village on the other side, but we decided not. :P
 The girls! :) we're the 4 amigas here at 7 days clinic here in Buea this year! :)

 A shot in one of the "19 passenger vans"  The messages written on the inside were pretty good!  A couple of them were, "No fighting" "No Vometing" and I quote exactly, "Do not send your hand out when the is moving" :) oh Africa!

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Schumachers said...

I'm so glad you're having tons of fun! What a blessing that you have so many good friends from home there and even neater that you have made such cool African friends too! GOD IS SO AMAZINGLY GOOD!! Make it a great day, LOVE YOU, mom