Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hugs from the mailbox!!

A little edit/addition to this post...
Dear Family,
Be watching for this "hug" to show up in your mailbox sometime in the next few weeks... I really hope it gets where it's going because the seemingly confused post office worker placed all 5 stamps on top of each other, the return address, and yet not one of them was fully on the envelope!!  I tried to fold them over and attempted to make them stick as much as possible... but there was only so much I could do... so I'm just hoping and praying this little letter finds it's way to you! <3
Our mail is "external" :) dropping it in there was so scary!

This afternoon Sarah, one of the other SMs, asked me if I would come up to the post office with her to mail a letter.  I had no reason to go to the post office but I did anyways.   And what to my great surprise did I find!?!  A PACKAGE for ME!! :D  I was thrilled to find my Pathfinder uniform, just on time for Adventurer Sabbath this weekend... which was packed full of goodies and treats from home! :) priceless!! Also!  My t-shirt from Union with notes and signatures from friends back at school!! Mary's came about 2 weeks ago and I was really hoping and praying that mine wasn't lost forever!  the whole package sure put a bright spot in my day!!


Schumachers said...

I'm so glad you finally got it. We mailed that a little after you left. And just to let you know we had so much fun buying stuff to stuff your shirt with! There is no way I'm remembering what I wrote in your letter though. That was the first one I ever wrote you.

Love you! Mindy

Schumachers said...

Hey Tabby I'm glad you got the package I'm sorry we haven't sent you more stuff.:( it seams so weird to see the goodys we put into that shirt way over a month ago in that picture with you.:) hope you enjoy the pop rocks we talked mom into letting us get them for you. We were at the post office but then ran up town fast so we could get you some stuff it was a lot of fun! Thanks for letting me ware your cool stweeter I like that one a lot.:) I love you soooooooooo much and miss you even more. Love, Jody