Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Douala Weekend with Pastor Rich!

The last weekend of October we got to spend the weekend in Douala thanks to pastor Rich from Union College and some very gerous (unnamed) former student missionaries who show their support of and appreciation for SM each year by sending pastor Rich to visit and treat as many of us as he can.  I never knew how much this could mean to an SM until it was me!!  It was so great to see pastor Rich and the whole weekend was the very boost I needed!  I hadn't posted about it until now because pastor Rich was the one who took most of the pictures and I just got them from him!
 The beautiful ocean in Douala, he said if we were homesick enough we could start swimming!
 Gorgeous tree at the edge of the ocean
 A whale vertebra
 "My" hair! this was the day after I got it done, I've had it for 2 weeks now, it's not going to last 'till December 1st like I had originally set my goal for.... but I'm gonna give it another week or so... it's been so amazing to have thick, curly hair with no effort at all every morning!
 Sabbath in Douala, Unionites, and three Dakota kids at that!
 Christmas in October!!  PR brought us TWO suitcases of things from home, family and friends!!  They were filled with most exciting surprizes!!  We just couldn't even contain ourselves!  I don't think I stopped smiling all night!
Just seeing the Union College logo on his shirt when we first met up with him made my heart skip a beat!  The first familier thing in over a month!  It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

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