Sunday, November 20, 2011


The very first weekend I was here in Buea there was a special youth service at church and my heart just melted when I saw the kids and the Pathfinder club here in Cameroon, so similar to ours, so very far from home!  I set to getting my Pathfinder uniform sent ASAP, but (if you remember) we had no internet at all for the first two weeks so it was a process to figure it out... but I got word to mom who made the arrangements...
I was beginning to wonder and worry if my uniform was lost somewhere between here and there.. :( but then it arrived JUST in time! :)  (God's timing is always perfect!)  This week was Adventurer Sabbath at church and Mary and I were asked last week to teach the children's lesson.  The mission this quarter is the NAD, so we got to tell them about home!  It was SO much fun and scratched a major itch of mine to work with the kids and be involved with the Pathfinders!

I marched in with the pathfinders and the Adventurers, (12 and under) had the sermon.
A few of us :) the little girl in the corner is a twin :) so cute!! Not sure where the other one was :P
"The Gang"  This is my "family" away from family that lives at my "home" away from home! (SMs: Sarah, Me, Mary, and Alyssa, Doctor Trixy and Bill).
This is what African potluck looks like, just outside the church :)  We brought a rice, carrot, and green pepper concoction, it felt so good to belong, be part, and contribute!  We even got multiple compliments on our dish! :)

After you eat you clean the dishes right?  Well, this is just a small example of what I mean when I say everything is just different here.  We set all the dishes down in the dirt, got two buckets of water, one with laundry detergent in it, the other for rinsing... and got it done!

On the way back from church we practiced our African skills, I must say, I'm pretty good ;)  I walked most of the way home with our pot on my head and didn't even need my hands!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Tabby,
How SUPER that your Pathfinder uniform finally made it there in 1 piece. I'm so excited about you teaching them some honors and I'll be glad to send you the honor patches. I'm alittle concerned about the flat spot developing on your head!! You are an African aren't you!?!?! :) Love you, mom