Monday, March 22, 2010

Days 8, 9, and 9.5

We're back! After 10 days of fun, 40+ hours in a car, 2,500 miles, and countless memories later we are back in Nebraska! We left Maryland at about 7:00 pm Saturday night and rolled into Lincoln just before 1:30 pm Sunday!
Summer is on it's way! (although it seemed like it had already arrived in Maryland) spring has sprung here in Lincoln while we were gone!

As for Day 8 (Friday) we just had a nice relaxing day and I made "schroodles" for supper, we had some family and friends over and enjoyed a nice Friday night meal.

Day 9... After church we went to the zoo. We had planned to spend the afternoon and have a picnic there, but the traffic was thick in D.C. and we had the picnic in the vehicle! then spent about an hour hitting the main attractions in the zoo.

Day 9.5... I'm not really sure where day 9 ended and day 10 began! We collected our travel buddies and hit the road... drove straight through and "day 10" is not really part of the east coast trip because we were not there anymore! Now... days 11-13 are filled with school and assignments of all kinds, then early Thursday morning I leave with the gymnastics team (Gymnairs) for a tour to Colorado!

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