Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 5 (Tuesday)

I almost didn't post anything today but then I realized that if I don't do it now, I probably would never get around to posting some of these pictures... so here they are and I hope you're not getting too tired of all these posts of the same trip!

This morning I met a friend that drove here with us and went to her gym to work out, the way they've been feeding me here I should be working out every day or several times a day! But it felt good to burn some calories (or at least ease my conscience a little!).

Nathan and I went to the General Conference to meet Kenny and Brenda for lunch, then Kenny gave me a personal tour ;) it was fun to see... The picture above is of a sculpture of the 2nd coming, facing it are life-size statues of people representing the nationalities of the world and an angel with a little baby at the resurrection/2nd coming.

Kenny with a Bible the same size as the one Ellen White held out.

A picture of a picture of President Paulsen and President Bush.
The Narrow Path painting. ( I didn't know it was SO BIG )
When we got back Nathan and I went to the store, then made Grandma cookies! Mmmm...

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