Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 3 (Sunday)

Today We did a little more real sight-seeing. We started with Iwo Jima and drove past Arlington National Cemetery. We made a really quick loop through the botanic gardens... absolutely beautiful! We spent most of the day in the air and space museum, that was mind-boggling! Paul Leo, you would have LOVED IT!! I took lots of pictures and will do my best to re-live it for you! It was SO INTERESTING, I have to many things to tell you guys! In 100 years (Grandpa Hoffman's lifetime) we flew the first plane, walked on the moon, and launched space ships! We saw the Imax "To Fly" and then had supper at a Korean restaurant. Full, sleepy, and ready for bed. :)

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Anna said...

Oh Tabby I'm so glad you're having such an amazing time in DC and with your Uncle! When I was there three years ago I remember that same overwhelmed but in absolute awe feeling that I had by strolling through Arlington and the Air and Space Museum and the changing of the guard, capital building, White House, Washington monument,etc. Soak it all in and it will be with you forever. Continue to have an amazing time and say hi to your uncle for me lol. Tyson and I have used his wisdom to set things up for this summer that I feel like I've actually met him lol. Silly! Anyways...see you soon!