Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break Trip to D.C.

Yesterday around 1:00pm we left Lincoln, NE and 24 hours later we're here in Washington D.C. We took turns driving and went straight through besides about an hour stop for supper last night! :) Kenny took us to the Amish Market and a Beautiful green house this afternoon! I figured I better keep up with blogging from the start because I will have lots of pictures to share over this week!

I got to bring Elizabeth and Rachel Wissmann With me so they could spend some time out here with Bethany!

The Amish market was AMAZING they had EVERYTHING you could think of..... and at leaste ten different kinds of it! We got some goodies for supper tonight and dinner tomorrow. Speaking of supper... there are some amazing smells coming from the kitchen... Kenny's got a wonderful sounding soup cooking!

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Annmarie said...

Oh how fun! I am so jealous!!!