Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2

Well, after a YUMMY Friday night meal we went to bed relatively early (or what seemed early after driving through the night before!) we hit the bed and I don't think I moved ONCE all night! After church we had a nice meal with Brenda's Parents and then took Rachel and Elizabeth down to D.C. to meet Dan and Bethany. It was rainy and the true sight-seeing won't start until tomorrow but I couldn't help but snap some shots from inside the car of my "first sights" off all the amazing things here!
This was my first glimpse of the capital building, and the one at the top was what I could see of the white house! So exciting! It's still almost hard to believe I'm here!

There is SO MUCH to see! Everywhere you look something is new and unique to catch your eye! I couldn't take it all in, can't wait for the real sight-seeing to begin! There are countless little "match-box" houses like these lining the streets, they are all so different and unique yet so much the same. A little different than the wide-open space of the farm... so much for a yard or place to play... better hope you don't have a noisy neighbor!

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~MINDY~ said...

Wow Tabby It looks like you have had so much going on. I know you have had some amazing times alread. Tell Kenny and Brenda Hi for me. I love you ~MINDY~