Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 4 (Monday)

Sight seeing was in full force today, we left bright and early to make it to our Library of Congress tour at 8:30 which was VERY impressive! Then we browsed around in the Native American Museum until 1:00 when had our own personal tour of the Capitol Building (by a North Dakota girl from Pomeroy's office). I am continually amazed by everything! The thing that I always come back to is how incredible it is now... just imagine 100 years ago and when these monstrosities were being built!! It's hard to imagine! I wish I could take a trip back and watch our founding fathers play their role in forming this nation under God.

The very first "new to me" experience of the day was riding the subway... simple I know, but not exactly what I'm used to... :P

The Library was SO amazing! SO MUCH detail on EVERY little thing! How would you like to be the artisan for this and not be guaranteed payment... it's true, (although they did get paid) while they were working, the craftsmen didn't know if and when they were going to get paid, the possibility of fame and their work lasting was enough. I saw some super cool things, one being the first map to every bear the name "America" (even though the shape it labeled is a far cry from the true shape of our Continent),

All the touring made us hungry! When we found some "fry bread" it really hit the spot!

It was fun to see "North Dakota here" I love ND! Somehow it almost felt like a little piece of home! These Paintings around the Capitol were so neat to me, they looked so much like statues I had to look VERY close and be told that they were just 2D paintings. My favorite part of the capital was the "wisper spot"... very cool story!

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