Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We barged in on Christian the other night and introduced her to our idea of a good old fashion sleepover!  We had a great time teaching her to make brownies, chatting and laughing... 
We took her foam mattress off her bed and slept on the floor... it ended up being an interesting night as she had just put "insecticide chalk" on the base of her walls... I woke up confused in the middle of the night with Sarah and Alyssa laughing and things crawling on me... they deserted to the chairs higher off the ground for the rest of the night and Mary and I braved the floor... I just wrapped my sheet around me tight attempting to keep cockroaches off of me...
The next morning when we were all more fully awake it looked like the plague had struck with dying cockroaches all over the place... that insecticide really did the trick and that was apparently why they were all going crazy and attacking us through the night!! Alyssa said she just decided to laugh and sleep in the chair instead of cry!
Church member neighbor's boy :) Shadrach

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Anonymous said...

I'm really not sure if you are truly my girl, Tabitha Joy Schumacher!!
It almost can't be you sleeping with cockroaches!!! Has Africa changed you that much?
You guys certainly are making memories for yourselves as well as your new African friends!!
LOVE & MISS YOU!!!!!! mom