Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muea Market

Muea Market (sounds like "Moon ya"... took me awhile to figure out how it was spelled) is probably our favorite for the equivalent of "Wall Mart shopping" in the sense that it has about anything you're looking for... it's just a matter of finding it!
 Mary was asking one of the meat men how much a leg would cost because Trixy had been talking about getting a leg to teach them how to do sutures and stitches for closing up wounds and incisions... this is where I use my common comment... "this is why I am a teacher!!"
 This is the oven that our favorite yummy bread comes from every week.  When we first got here we heard all about this yummy bread and that the bakery was in Muea Market.  So when we were in the market we asked someone where to get the bread from the bakery.  She took us to this super rough looking plain cement building.  the outer part looked dirtier and rougher than a mechanic shop and there were guys just sitting around.  I was convinced this couldn't be the bakery, but we went in to the very inside and sure enough, all the bread was just piled in there on shelves with questionable cleanliness.  Now we're so used to it we just walk right in there and get our yummy bread.  It's also kinda fun when you see the cars they transport it to our neighborhood in.  a regular taxi, filled to the brim, seats and trunk, with bread, and no, the loaves are not in bags or "wrappers."

Beef (skin) anyone??


Schumachers said...

Man that all looks like you could get sick so easy! You know how I am, it would be so hard for me to get used to that way of life.:) I can't imagen how much you've learned already and the new way of life you've adapted to, that would be hard. I'm glad that it's only a month and a half till you come home!!!!!!! I love and miss you so much ;). Jody

Anonymous said...

What wild and crazy adventures and stories and memories this past 6 months has given you!! Life will never be the same for you. God has richly blessed you and will continue to lead and guide you and help you to make a difference for Him. I can't wait to see what He has planned for your life, but I do know this experience is preparing you for what lies ahead. LOVE and MISS you, mom