Friday, March 9, 2012

Public Restrooms

Yet another experience with "public restrooms" that I just have to share with all of you, and the whole thing made me decide it's time to post my collection of restroom pictures!

We were at the women's day celebrations today up in Bongo Square.  As the lady in charge was announcing "what today's schedule will look like" she inserted a little plug for the newest development in Bongo Square.  Buea is proud to present a new public restroom!!  As she announced the new addition she proudly stated that, "we are growing!  Now you will not need to wonder, 'where will I ease myself?'" 
Later on in the day I needed to blow my nose because this cold is still hanging around, Mary suggested I check out the new public restrooms.  I was sure there would be no toilet paper there but I decided to check it out anyway.  When I reached the restrooms I was ushered in and found what I was expecting, no toilet paper, I didn't need to use the restroom, only wanted to blow my nose and there was no toilet paper; but the lady who had ushered me in was standing right outside.  I felt weird to just go in and right back out, so I just stood there long enough to have used the toilet so that it would seem less awkward.  I tried the sink on my way out just because, but of course there was no water.   As soon as I left the restroom the usher silently but purposefully pointed at the sign I had completely missed on the way in.  It was an itemized list of which facility you used inside the facility and the charge for each!  I was dumbfounded!  I hadn't actually used any of the facilities!! I only was looking for toilet paper!  but how was I going to explain that one, especially after standing in there long enough to make it look like I had... so I gave her a bill and as she was looking for my change I noticed wads of toilet paper laying on her table... I had to pay for a facility I didn't even use and had been jipped of my toilet paper!  In theory, toilet paper does you no good after you've already been in the bathroom, but as she handed me my changed I seized a wad and left.  Public restrooms, always an adventure, although I didn't get a shot of the tolled bathroom, here's a collection of a few shots I've gotten over the last few months, there's so many more I don't have proof of though.

 This is a toilet in the Brussels airport.  I was intrigued by the thought that this was the first non-American toilet I had ever seen, so, for some strange reason, I took a picture.  Little did I know, back in September that this European toilet would be the beginning of a rather interesting collection of foreign restroom facility photographs.
 This lovely model is a Mount Cameroon Hut 1 style.
 This one is very similar to the last, however, this Hut 2 model sports an awesome cobweb collection in place of the trendy mold in the last.
 This is a fancy upgrade from the traditional hole.  Same concept as the Mount Cameroon hut style, only a more modern approach if you will.
 a rather educational sign found in a bathroom in the nation's capital (Yaounde), do not stand and squat on the seat, simply sit.  
 Don't worry, it's just wear and tear on the seat... and lid, nothing else.
 This style is one of my favorites, helps you know where to position your feet!
 This restroom was erected with the help of one of our own, Spencer Way helped our friend Hache build this onto his family's home in Koza.
...and the last facility I have captured on film is another lovely floor model, this one is located at the General Hospital here in Buea.

A funny little additional story...  We've noticed that most anywhere along the road seems to be fare game for "public restrooms" around here but have also noticed that it seems to only be the men's restrooms, seldom if ever do you notice the ladies.  Well, the other day we witnessed two "women's restrooms" along the road right in a row as we were driving by.  Just like you might see a man standing outside the little girls' room in a mall or restaurant, waitin' on a woman, there was a guy standing right behind her, just waiting to continue on their way.  I'm not totally apposed to the style, only I feel it's an "out in the field with NOBODY around" type of style... I know this post might seem like something kinda bold and should be a more private topic, but there's nothing private about easing yourself around here.


Anonymous said...

YIKES!! How scary! We really do take SO much for granted. God has blessed us with so many modern conveniences and we truely have a "good life" for the most part, yet we still find things to complain about on a regular basis. Take care, do as much good as you can in the few weeks you have left. I LOVE you so much and miss you tons. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

TABBY I have enjoyed your blog soooo much all along and follow it faithfully, however I think this last one on restrooms is just the best. We really do need to appreciate out facilities here in the US. Don't think I've ever really thought about thanking God for a toilet that works and is clean. Today I was in Walmart and one of the automatic sinks didn't work, just moved to the next one, never thinking more about it and yet now I will think of the convenience much more and appreciate it. Thanks again for the blog.

Tabby said...

Thanks :) just wondering if you would like to reveal who you are Anonymous?? I appreciate your comment :) glad to hear you're enjoying the blog, just not sure who you are :P God Bless


Anonymous said...

HITabby Nice to see youhad visiters from home . about your rest rooms over there is not for me & that is one reason why I am here and not there . love you may God be with you , soon you will behome . Marion