Saturday, March 31, 2012


There's a constant fascination with the difference of our natural hair, they are amazed by ours and we're equally amazed by theirs!! Christian heard about my straightener and Mary's curling iron and wanted to know if it could straighten her hair, so we decided to give it a try!!  What we would call a "salon" back home, a place where you get your hair done, is called a saloon here... So we had our very own little saloon operating in the clinic Thursday afternoon when there were no patients. :)

I wouldn't call the end result of her hair "straight" but it was definitely straightER and we gave her some curls :)

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Anonymous said...

Christian, I would like to say to you as a person who lost their hair to cancer treatments, your hair is a very important part of who you are, but not who you are. My impression of you, "The smile on your face oh my goodness, no head of hair is worthy of you because you have a warm heart bigger then you are". God is Good. Tabby's Aunt Dorothy