Saturday, March 3, 2012


Our church and church family here in Buea has been a huge blessing to Mary and I.  Today it was a great joy to take Cheryl and Heidi to experience our wonderful church.  I did an object lesson illustration for the kids' Sabbath School, the children's story was great, and mum Rugina had an excellent sermon today.  The whole service today was done by the women in honor of women's week and women's day which is this coming Thursday.
Our new African dresses!
Mary getting her hair plated after church :)
These twins are just the cutest!  Today's favorite game was sit on a lap, throw yourself back, and then giggle uncontrollably when you get tickled!!  Then squirm into a sitting position crumple into a hug, then throw yourself back again...
Cheryl and Heidi were even lucky enough to get in on a potluck!! Mmmmm! (our contribution was one of the rice dishes.... I guess we pass as Cameroonian cooks, because our big pot was cleaned out!).
The Erickson girls!
Just too adorable!
I just LOVE these expressions!!?  Can you come up with a caption for this picture?
Mauye enjoying and concentrating on a serious thumb war!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tabby, So glad you had a wonderful Sabbath! I feel for you when it comes time to say good bye. When you left home and said your good byes you knew it was only for months but when you leave Africa it will be more then months, if ever that you will be back!! I feel for you and for them, they will miss you so much! Maybe as much as I miss you!!
Love you tons, mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Tabby, Love your dresses! Wish you could bring all those sweet little ones back home with you so we can play with them too. :) God bless, your in our prayers. Lovingly Lyle and Becky

Anonymous said...

Caption for the two little girls you are holding. The one on the left "I'm special" the one on the right "NOT I am, can't you see". How cute they are. I think I'm getting attached to Mauye too. He looks like he has a personality that everyone would fall in love with. Love ya Dorothy