Monday, March 5, 2012

North Trip Part Eight ~ P.S! Mozogo

The other day some memories from our trip to the north were floating around in my head when I realized I hadn't posted about them!!  I had ever intention of doing a post on our trip to Mozogo but somewhere in organizing the other 7 posts it totally slipped my mind!! So here's a little P.S. post from our trip north.
One morning we pulled ourselves out of bed before the crack of dawn, hopped on some mottos, and headed to nearby Mozogo where it was said we'd be able to see some baboons!  I didn't know it could get so cold in Cameroon!!! That 5:30am motto ride was the most freezing experience I've had since a North Dakota winter!! It took me until long after sunrise to finally feel warmth in my body again!  The reason we went so early is because there was a very specific time for seeing baboons in the forest.  However, despite our sleep sacrifice and freezing transportation... we had mechanical difficulties with the mottos, didn't reach the forest on time, and ended up unsuccessful in our mission :(  it was dissapointing, but it was none-the-less a fun day!  These two little boys are natives of the area and know the baboons well, they took us through the forest trying to help us spot some, but to no avail.
We knew we were at least in the right place because there were little (and big) baboon hand and footprints for proof!
Some wide open space, right beside the forest.
This is just the branches of a HUGE dead tree that was tipped over.
The baboon forest is right beside some onion fields and the baboons apparen'tly have a strong appreciation for onions... so these little shelters are for the onion guards to sleep in at night, kinda reminds me of trying to keep the raccoons out of the corn field!

At the end of the day, after seeing no baboons, Mary and I thought it'd make the rest feel better to see some "monkeys" trying to steal some onions!

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Anonymous said...

Nice white skin, you silly baboons!! Too bad you missed the monkeys, but just being with friends and making 2 new ones was a good day. Love you , mom