Friday, February 17, 2012

Tole Village

Today we went to the chief's house in a little tea plantation village, just a few miles away today and did consults on 45 little kids with rashes and fungi and painful looking sores, we needed a picture ID of each to help match them up with the meds we'll be taking back to them next week.  So, being the only non medical person in the bunch, I was the official photographer.

We did "just the babies" today because there were SO MANY, young and old, who wanted to consult but we just didn't have time, we'll be back next week to deliver meds and do more consults... we didn't even get to the school kids.

A lot of them had such bad infections on their rashes and sores that their lymph nodes were just huge. 
They all had a rash or fungus of some kind
Scabies was the most common
One little girl had a tooth abscess or just something wrong in her mouth and she could hardly even open her mouth, I can't imagine the pain that would cause!  This little boy had an abscess on his head that they had cut open, it looked like they tried... but I don't think it was kept very infection-free...
Sorry if you feel this is in-appropriate, but this is a typical sample of the rashes and sores these poor kids live with.
There's so many slightly different boils, sores, and infections, we wonder how many of these kids are HIV+, thus aren't, and really wont heal.
When we asked one mother how long the child had had these rashes and such, she replied, "since birth."
Pictures just don't tell the story!

These pictures were not "staged" like I said, we had to get one of each kids' face to help match up the info later, I asked every one of them to smile, and did my funky little photographer faces to encourage some happier looks, but every single one of them returned sober looks like these.


Anonymous said...

Oh my this is so sad I sure wish there was a way I could do something to help these innocent children who don't even have a smile to make them feel better when I know so many that have to much and want more. Tabby this is a heart wrencher. God bless you and give you the courage to help them. Dorothy

Anonymous said...

Dear Tabby,
What a horrible situation for these poor little children to live with, hurts and sorrows and not much hope for better days!! Oh how much we have to be thankful for and how often we take for granted what we have. Won't heaven be WONDERFUL where there will be no sores, rashes, pain, or tears!! I'm home-sick for heaven!! What an unbelievable BLESSING that you can be there to help them and work for Jesus. LOVE YOU SO MUCH, mom

Anonymous said...

HI Tabby I Look at these pictures & am sad to see that but am so thank full that my little 15 month old great grand baby is not one off them . we have so much to be thank ful God is good . Love you Marion