Wednesday, February 15, 2012

North Trip Part Seven ~ The End

When our time in Koza and adventure in the north came to an end, we had to say some sad good-byes to some amazing brand new friends!  It was a really sad little taste of what we're going to have to do in May!
When we were loading up in our 11 hour van from Mokolo to Ngaoundre, our pack job included a "motto" on top of the bus/van (look closely, yep, that's a bright yellow/patterned seat!).
This is the outside of the train station in Ngaoudre, the architecture is very random and pretty, and just kinda odd to me for a train station, reminds me of something you'd be more likely to see on an airport or something.
I got this shot of a lady doing her prayers at one of the bus stops, our bus stopped several times along our entire day's drive so that the Muslims on our bus could pray.  The culture in the north is very different than the southwest where we live; the Muslims are very respectful and kind people and the overall culture is much more relaxed.
The mosque in Ngaundre.
(Aylssa) You'd feel like this too after 33 hours of African transportation... each way!
Ahh... We're "home" (!!!)  I praise the Lord for the countless safely traveled miles, amazing experiences, precious new friends, and priceless memories!

What a MIGHTY God we serve!

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Anonymous said...

Again, what an amazing adventure!! So gald you gave us a play-by-play of your trip!! Thank you! SUPER interesting!! Can't wait to hear the WHOLE or "rest of the story"!! Love you, mom