Sunday, February 5, 2012

North Trip Part Three ~ Koza

Between each of our adventures to other nearby towns and attractions, we enjoyed the little village/town of Koza!
Kids that were fishing in the little dam gathered on the ledge to watch us, creating a beautiful silhouette against the beautiful Friday evening sunset.
The church
The Hospital:
The Hospital in Koza is huge, it's the largest medical facility in a very large area, people come from countless surrounding towns and villages for medical care.  a large number of patients even come from the bordering country of Nigeria.  It is a poor area and most of the peoples' only other option would be their village witch doctor!
The hospital is a beautiful and high quality facility compared to the average infrastructure of mud huts in and around Koza.  It is nicely situated on a large piece of land that was originally "leased for free" to the Adventists many, many years ago because it was where all the evil spirits came to fight and the locals were afraid to build there.  When the hospital was established the people's desperate need for medical care overcame their fear of the land and God's presence has produced an amazing and flourishing facility.
We spent one day just observing at the hospital.
My profession, and personality couldn't be farther from the medical field, but somehow, I seem to constantly be surrounded by medical people and a large majority of my friends are going into that field...
So we got to watch an operation!  My stomach turned a little when they made the first few slices... but I must admit, it was pretty amazing and interesting to watch!
... successfully removed....
A very technical way to control the flies in the operating room!
I'm pretty sure this education major has seen and heard more in the medical field than any other teacher in history!

This is a little grinding stone in the middle of the hospital grounds, the families of patients cook, sleep, and eat there.
The hospital 'cafeteria' was these ladies, wives of some of the hospital employees, sitting outside the gate selling beignet (sound like "ben-yay" french word for doughnut).  This was bean beignet, a deep-fried batter made out of beans, and some p-mont (northern hot pepper powder) to top them off! MMmmmmm!
These gorgeous flowers grow thick on these, dry, dead looking, otherwise bear, stumps and branches.  SO pretty!!
Some random kids that showed up on our doorstep just to say hi one day.  I think one of the girls was from church, but I have no idea who the rest of her friends were.  So cute :)
The missionary's house.  Once again, this house is one of the strongest, most beautiful houses in Koza and a very large surrounding area, all other homes are mud and clay, some cement if you're fortunate, makes you feel guilty for enjoying such a mansion.
Apparently the last couple missionaries didn't understand how to use their pressure cooker for making beans...
The living room
Our bedroom during our visit, I was SO THANKFUL for the mosquito nets, you could just see them wanting to get in and give you malaria!! haha! and when I went to bed one night I could hear them buzzing loudly and just kept telling myself  they're on the outside! They're on the outside!!  
fetching water
Some kids that followed us on one of our walks through town
There's lots of things you could pick out and examine in this picture... but notice the little "wheelbarrow" being pushed by the kid in green... this was a homemade wheelbarrow and the "wheel" was a gear from a retired machine of some sort... when you walked down the road you could see little tracks that looked like perforations in the road made by the little gear-barrow.
Some mud bricks laid out to dry along the road in town.  Building material for another hut.

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