Tuesday, February 14, 2012

North Trip Part Six ~ Roomsiki

On Cameroon's boarder with Nigeria there's a random "little" area of land, about as spontaneous as North Dakota Badlands.  Roomsiki is a little tourist village nestled in a gorgeous landscape of unique rock formations and little mountains.
 Our trip to Roomsiki was in a HOT little crowded bus, the sun was beating in my open window on my already sunburned skin and I thought my arms were going burn up.  We got a serious flat tire just outside of Roomsiki, when we slowed down to stop I could hear the air furiously hissing out of the tire, louder and faster than any tire "leak" I've ever heard!
 Two little content, lounging children in the village of Roomsiki.
 This man is weaving cotton yarn (made by the women) into pure cotton strips.  Each time he alternates his feet in a pedaling motion it alternates the strands and he weaves another strand through.  This little village knows tourists... you were free to take pictures, but leave a donation if you do, we gave them 50 francs for this shot (about 10 cents).

 When we were leaving Roomsiki the early morning bus we were told would be our transportation back to Mokolo was not actually going, so we got a "Toyota ride" with a load of people taking their goods to a local market along the way.  It was nice and crowded on the back of the pickup, and it was early, we were tired... and Mary fell asleep!
 It was great fun! I love riding in the back of a pickup, was a little like home!
 We had a very nice meal at a little family run restaurant, this is the oldest boy of the family who was selling his "musical instruments" very beautiful!  ....yes, I bought one! 
 Like I said, they know tourists and have a pretty good idea of the strange things tourists are interested in...when they served us the "traditional bread" we were informed that if we would like to visit the oven where the traditional bread is made, that was very possible.  So of course, when we finished eating we had to go visit the oven, and this is what we found!
 an old gas oven... with a fire built inside!  It was great!  I couldn't help but thing of the Beverly Hillbillies episode where they don't know how to use the appliances in their new mansion, and build a fire in the oven!
 This was our amazing supper! Awesome food, amazing service, and a nice price. :)

 Roomsiki got it's name from a Nigerian hunter many years ago named Siki, who discovered the area and climbed Mt. Room... thus the village founded there was called Roomsiki.

 Notice the bottom... or lack there of in this little guy's pants.
 What a creative and marvelous God we serve!
 The sun setting on Roomsiki

 These two are the sunrise early in the morning on our Toyota ride :)


Anonymous said...

Well Tabby, Yet another Amazing Adventure and new look at GOD'S awsome and wonderful world!! I am so glad you were able to go on these fun and "scary" (for your mother) outing and I am also so glad Spencer was there as your fearless guide and daring defender!!
Seeing these posts makes me realize again how much we take for granted and how much we have to be thankful for, God is so good!! Love you and miss you, mom

Anonymous said...

These picture's never cease to amaze me of what we take for granted and what they have to make due with. I wonder what their perception would be if they lived here for a day or month. The sunrise and sunset picture's are just beautiful Love Dorothy