Monday, February 20, 2012

184 Snakes

... It will be about 290 by Wednesday... Last week I went through a process of transitioning to a new school here in Buea.  There were actually two schools at the beginning of last week where I could have started full time, I spent the week in both trying to feel out the situations and think and pray about where to settle in.  I'm now working at CRC, a school just around the corner from our compound, as the Arts, Crafts, and Activities teacher!  Yes, this is something absolutely my forte! CUTE kids, and I get to do fun crafts with them!  Today was my first "real day at work" at CRC and we made snakes!  I let the kids color round pieces of paper with a head that I had cut and when they were done decorating, I cut them in spirals... it was a HIT!  I cut 90 snakes today, have another 94 scheduled for tomorrow and about that many again on Wednesday, then it's time to look for a new craft!  I think I'm getting blisters from my scissor!

Proud of her work.
The sample snake I made :)

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I hope the children know how very privileged they are to have you. Keep having fun and enjoying every moment. Lovingly Lyle and Becky